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2006 Darlington CT
San Diego – CA


Your turbine type and installed components define the frequency of the standard inspection. The intervals between equipment changes vary according to operating conditions such as environmental conditions, firing temperatures, the number of starts /stops and running modes.

Appraisal visits to determine the general condition of the equipment precede scheduled inspections. This knowledge helps to anticipate to requirements during scheduled inspections and enables more efficient planning for unit shutdown. Each inspection finishes with a post-outage meeting. During this meeting a detailed evaluation report is presented and discussed.

In case you are confronted with a forced outage immediate contact is made with the contract manger.

All historical and real-time date on the unit will be gathered via the GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE Online Monitoring System.

Your liaison manager coordinates immediate dispatch of a service specialist who carries out extensive inspections. As soon as we determine the extent of the damage, we coordinate a detailed repair program with the Customer.