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OIL & GASOil & Gas Services

In 2015, GE oil & gas nuovopignone through our partner John Brown Engineering Technical Services (AMTS) to provide a full spectrum of Oil and Gas services across Iraq. These services include:

  • Rotating Equipment Services: Repair, overhaul, and maintenance of all types of gas and steam turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, pumps & gearboxes.
  • Valves Services: Refurbishments of most type of valves, including but not limited to Actuators, Ball, Check, Choke, Control, Gate, Globe, PCV, Plug and Safety Relief valves.
  • Pressure Control Equipment: Inspection, repair, testing and recertification of pressure control equipment including BOP’s, Annular and Diverters.
  • Manufacturing Services: Manufacturing and recertification of Flanges, Drilling spools, Cross over connectors, Spacer spools, DSA’s and test stumps as per API 6A and 16A
  • Inspection Services: AMTS specializes in OCTG / Tubular inspection and NOT services in compliance with international standards such as API, DS-1, NS-2 and ASNT. AMTS is also a certified member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) for the inspection and certification of all types of lifting equipment.
  • Welding and Fabrication Services: AMTS has an experienced team of 6G welders and qualified fabrication specialists to offer on-time, customized services of the highest quality. Multiple welding procedures available covering extensive process’s and metals.