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2006 Darlington CT
San Diego – CA


GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE stands alone in our industry with the capabilities to offer full-scope service solutions to the global heavy-duty gas turbine power plant community, regardless of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

With the ownership of manufacturer in the United States, GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE in the United States in we bring our own innovative technologies to platform solutions that can be implemented on OEM gas turbines from GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi and ABB / Alstom.

GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE bring flexibility to our customers – we offer transactional scopes or structured service agreements which can include components replacements designed to offer increased operational flexibility and performance.

This can be coupled with component repair, field services and outage management, all wrapped with remote monitoring and diagnostics, one of our digital tools, that support our customer’s desire to improve their asset’s reliability, profitability and maintenance life-cycle costs.

Multi-OEM Platform

With a dedicated R&D team composed of experts ringing diverse experiences and backgrounds to their work GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE combined OEM services team is able to bring targeted solutions to the marketplace very quickly, noting that responsiveness is critical to ensuring our customer’s assets continue remain viable and available for their business. Our proven advanced combustion retrofit solutions, designed to replace OEM systems, are industry-accepted answers for ultra-low emissions and fuel flexibility, with each platform developed to consume a variable blend of renewable gas such as Hydrogen and natural gas, a growing request by our customers looking to reduce their carbon emissions footprint.

Finally, with continued use of our customer’s existing power plants, in many cases well beyond typical end-of life considerations, gas turbine rotor lifetime assessments and extensions of GE, Siemens and Mitsubishi designs has become a core part of our comprehensive suite of service offerings. Rotor wheel and disk repair or replacements, manufactured from our dedicated supply chain, bring our customers a level of assurance that their power plants can continue to operate into the future safely and continue to satisfy their business objectives.

GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE Multi-OEM Gas Turbine Platform Team - Your Preferred Partner in Service and Innovation.