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International player in the power generation industry.

2006 Darlington CT
San Diego – CA


Today, GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE leverages decades of experience in the OEM Service Business for power equipment.

Services are tailored to specific users’ needs ensuring the best adherence to each customer’s business model. Flexibility and competence are combined to provide the most suitable solution for every plant.

As OEM of several Gas Turbines, Generators and Steam Turbines, GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE offers integrated technical and commercial solutions for the full plant, our broad portfolio and extensive competencies assure that solutions are fully compatible, integrated and optimized.


OEM Services


Today GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE is fully engaged in providing concrete answers to the challenges of the market:

Flexibility is at the hearth of our development efforts, ensuring that solutions answer to the needs of the users. Fast start-up, reduction of minimum environmental load and increased power ramp rates are examples of the way GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE supports the demanding needs of today’s power markets;

Power and Efficiency improvements remain the most effective way to increase revenues and reduce operational costs. A full range of state-of-the-art upgrades is available for every gas turbine enhancing the capabilities of the installed assets and extending their profitable lifetime;

Maintenance cost reduction is an important goal for customers. The extensive experience on every component and the continuous improvements introduced in the fleet over the years ensure the transparent and reliable release of lifetime extensions and best reconditioning practices of components. Lifetime assessments on rotors, casings, structural parts and any other critical component in the power plant are an integral part of the service GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE offers. An established global network that delivers advanced component repairs, outage management and a 24/7 remote monitoring & diagnostic center – enabled with predictive maintenance tools – offers the final complement to the GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE Service business value proposition.