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2006 Darlington CT
San Diego – CA

GAS TURBINESHot Gas Path & Combustion Components Repair

We are capable of repairing your buckets in-house. All HGP and Combustion parts repairs are performed using the latest welding, machining, heat treatment and cleaning techniques.

  • welding: TIG, micro TIG, MIG and resistance spot welders
  • machining:4/6-axis CNC milling, EDM, CNC wire eroding, vertical and horizontal boring and conventional machining
  • heat treatments: vacuum (AR/NIT10 BAR QUENCH),heat tint furnaces, curing and drying ovens
  • cleaning : chemical strip cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, fluoride ion cleaning and high pressure water flush cleaning

For the combustion liner the possibility of Sectional Replacement is available. More information regarding this technique can be found on the technical product sheet.

Combustion parts can be fitted with GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE Extended Lifetime Program GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE kits are designed to increase the lifetime of the parts and thus lengthen inspection intervals.

We also have proven processes for special brazing we use to repair cracks and restore worn, depleted or damaged surfaces as well as to hard-face wear-prone surfaces. Brazing pastes, brazing slurries and brazing foils developed in house are applied to repair procedures. Hot parts are prepared for coating, using procedures such as air and vacuum plasma spraying, High Velocity flame Spraying (HVFS) and diffusion coating processes.