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GAS TURBINESTailor Made Coating Solutions

During operation gas turbine components are subject to degradation processes that affect the integrity of the parts and hence reduce the lifetime.

In order to protect the parts from being damaged by (thermal) degradation processes and ensure the lifetime of the components, coatings can be applied to the components. The type of coating is determined by the local operating conditions in the gas turbine. 

Buckets and nozzles are supplied with coating schemes for standard operation. Under certain conditions however, a more advanced coating solution might be recommended. In such as case, GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE can provide you with advice on tailor made coating solution that match the specific operating conditions of the parts.



The coating solution might range from thermal barrier coatings, LPPS MCrAlY coatings to a (silicon modified) aluminide or chromide diffusion coating.

We rely on over 1,000 man-years of experience in the design, testing, analysis and manufacture of hardware and software for:

  • Characterization and mechanical design
  • Heat transfers structural analysis
  • Reverse engineering vibration analysis
  • Simulation modeling
  • Combustion design NOx predictions
  • Aerodynamic design.